[Hearthstone] 0 (dust) to HERO (legend) pt. 1

Derek Chin
July 6, 2021 9:57 AM

Why 0 (dust) to HERO (legend)?

There's been a handful of F2P to Legend series. Hearthstone's history of monetization and slightly pay-to-win nature has made these types of series popular. DisguisedToast, TrumpHS, and many more have done this. Honestly, F2P to Legend isn't that impressive anymore. Blizzard has made many changes to make the experience for new users more enjoyable. There currently are more incentives than ever before to continue playing and 'progress' (earn cards) such as a revamped gold system and a ton more freebies.

The biggest freebie (and also my favorite change) is the free core set.

What is a 'Core' set? Per Hearthstone.fandom.com: "Core is the main card set of Hearthstone. The purpose of the Core is to provide a modern collection of starting cards to players of all types and make Hearthstone even more approachable for newcomers. Some of the Core cards are returning from previous sets, some are reimagined favorites, some are completely new."

TLDR: Awesome free (seasonal) base set of cards for everyone.

That inspired me. Why not a 0 (dust) to HERO (Legend) series? Let's completely eliminate the randomness of card pack opening. The restriction is I can only use any card that is not dis-enchantable. This means the Core set of cards provided and also any cards in the (free) Tavern Pass.

I'm not a great player but I've hit legend a few times. The first time being the OG Secret Paladin and Freeze mage players (sorry I'm one of those). This series is meant to inspire people to play ranked more and to challenge the current meta of net-decking the top win % deck from HSREPLAY. This will also test our creativity in making things work with the most limited set possible. I'll also detail all of my thoughts and card choices.

The Initial Experience:

I will be doing this on the EU server on a fresh account (never played Hearthstone before). Unfortunately players are unable to skip the introduction but it was pretty fast.

It also wasn't obvious what I had to begin unlocking cards. The quest helps but it doesn't actually tell players how to unlock all the classes or that I need to hit level 10 on every class to unlock the entire Core Set. But it's OK we're pro players so we know what to do. Let the grind begin...

Win Conditions:

I haven't decided which decks I'll be piloting yet. I know I want to have a few decks to rotate from. The most important thing is deciding how I want those decks to win (also known as 'win condition'). A few strong cards that could either be my win condition or be strong support cards (that are completely free) for my win condition are:

Jaraxxus: 2 mana 6/6 infernal every turn? Sign me up! Since he no longer sets your hero to 15 HP, you can safely drop him a lot more often. Most importantly, everyone loves the EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION.

Alexstraza: just a great flex, support card. Need a bit more reach? She's your girl. Danger of dying? She's still your girl. Your opponent just played Alexstrasza? You know how this goes..

Mankirk: 3 mana 3/4 isn't terrible. Maybe not strong enough for all decks but if you ever draw him again he's a 3/10. Not many cards can deal with a 3/10. This means you can just straight up win games off of a lucky draw.

Taelan Fordring: another great support card that tutors (specifically draws) your highest cost minion. Since the cost is 5 mana, drawing a high cost minion is ideal. Very strong for pretty much any deck that isn't aggro.

Honorable mentions: Cairne Bloodhoof (great value card, essentially 5/10 worth of stats for 6 mana), Bloodmage Thalnos (spell damage and card draw all in one! broken but there's just not enough high impact 0 dust spells), Malygos (drawing all your spells is crazy but same problem as Bloodmage Thalnos), and Ysera (pretty much refills your hand with ammo but requires a slow, control deck).

Card Images taken from: https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/cards/

That's it for this post, thanks for reading! I got a lot of thinking (and grinding) to do. Next time time on Zero to Hero I'll talk about the first set of decks I'll be using for my push to Legend and the thought process behind them. I'll also talk about the tools that I'll be using to aid the journey.

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