[Hearthstone] 0 (dust) to HERO (legend) pt. 2

Derek Chin
July 6, 2021 1:50 PM

Welcome back to another episode of ZERO dust to HERO legend! Today we'll be talking about progression, the most recent patch changes (20.2.2), what it means for us, and deck choices.

Step 1. Level all classes to 10

Players can level through Solo Adventures (single player mode) or they can play casual/ranked to level up. I chose to play exclusively ranked because you can't lose ranks at lower levels. Check out my chicken icon

This is going to be a bit of a grind but not too terrible. I was able to hit level 10 on warlock playing against the inn-keeper about 4 times and playing 3 constructed games. Time to do it on the rest of them. Next we have some (bad) news that came with the newest Hearthstone patch, 20.2.2...

Patch Notes - 20.2.2

There were recently a few (5) nerfs. Unfortunately our boy MANKRIK got hit with the nerf hammer.

What does this mean for us? It's unfortunate but we're going to stay the course. The card is still very good and definitely playable. 3 Mana 3/4 with a potential for it to be 3 mana 3/11 (3/4 + 3/7) is still an awesome (free) card to use. It did deserve a nerf because the RNG upside of this card was bonkers but we're still going to pour one out for poor man Mankrik.

Step 2. Deck choices

Next we're going to take a deeper dive on deck choices. A great tool to use to get a 'feel' for the meta is the Vicious Syndicate report. Their content is extremely detailed and gives a decent pulse on the meta. New users might also find HSReplay pretty handy as they have a TON of data. Data is great and is a very useful tool in helping players (especially new players), figure out what decks to play. Having said that, it's no substitute for the deeper understanding of why certain cards are strong, actually playing the game, and reviewing one's replays.

The meta consist of mostly Paladins, Mage, Warlocks and Face Hunters. Overall it looks like the meta is aggressive and greedy decks that don't have great swing mechanics will get demolished. Note that this is data for ALL ranks and micro metas (eg: decks a player will see between the earlier ranks vs legend) will differ.

Having taken a look at the meta report, here are the three decks that I currently plan to use. All core cards plus Mankirk and venomous scorpid which are free and non-disenchantable from the tavern pass. I'll (quickly) go through both and talk about the pros, cons, and win conditions of each.

Demon Hunter:

The most interesting cards the core set has for Demon Hunters' is Illidari Inquisitor. It's an 9 mana 8-8 charge when played in conjunction with the Demon Hunter's hero power. The remaining cards are strong, solid early game cards.

Pros: Has many low cost minions to ensure that we have something on the board into mid game. Also has card draw (crimson sigil runner, spectral sight, loot hoarder, and chaos strike) and reach (Illidari Inquisitor) to make sure we can finish.

Cons: If we lose the board it's over. We have no 'swing' card or cards that will help us come back if we're behind.

Win Condition: Secure the board early, attack the opposing player's face whenever we can, and use Illidari Inquisitor to finish the game.


Next up we have a confusing warlock deck. I wanted to go full control warlock, but there's not enough core cards to support it. I had to settle for a control warlock with some random early game cards. The most notable card for warlocks has to be Lord Jaraxxus. With Lord Jaraxxus, we get a 3 attack, 8 durability weapon and the ability to summon a 6/6 infernal for 2 mana every turn.

Pros: Has decent card draw (Hero Power, Mortal Coil, Loot Hoarder, Bloodmage Thalnos) and some pretty good early game answers (Drain Soul, Explosive Sheep + Mortal Coil, Hellfire, Siphon Soul and Twisting Nether).

Cons: Although we have a lot of cards that can answer opponents' threats, we don't have a ton of healing. HP loss can be permanent minus Earthen Ring Farseer and Siphon Soul. We can fall a little behind but not too far behind. Playing against aggressive decks will sometimes be unwinnable.

Win Condition: Lord Jaraxxus


Last but not least we have Hunter. This Hunter is more of a mid-ranged deck that also looks to secure the board with minions and finish the opponent off, similar to our Demon Hunter deck.

Pros: Very annoying minions for the opposing player to deal with (Annoy-o-tron, Argent Squire). Strong overall cards with enough card draw (Tracking, Loot Hoarder, Quickshot, Selective Breeder).

Cons: Not a lot of swing cards. Falling behind on board early will also most likely mean that we will lose hte game.

Win Condition: We win by chipping the opponent's HP and finishing them off with our Hunter Hero Power or Alexstrasza.

Introduce SquadOV

Now that we figured out which decks we'll be using, time to get those cards and start playing! Next time on Zero to Hero I'll have some recorded matches and talk about my gameplay a bit. We'll be using SquadOV to record our journey (hopefully all the way to Legend). SquadOV lets us see the whole gameplay VOD, records deck lists (both mine and the opponents'), along with discover choices, and lets us make genuine clips. The true unfiltered view with all the important info.

Here's a sample game: https://app.squadov.gg/share/418a9091-0d33-4cf7-97c8-aaa3845dffe0

That's it for this post, thanks for reading! I got a lot of grinding (all classes to 10) to do.

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