An In-Depth Guide to Setting up OBS for [Your Favorite Game Here]

Michael Bao
July 6, 2021 1:57 PM

Trying to become the next big gaming streamer? Or just trying to stream/record for your friends? Then you've probably heard of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). But then you open it up and are greeted by a bunch of buttons and then you ask yourself "How do I get started?" Well then this guide is for you! We'll have a quick guide to get you setup in the first half of this guide. In the second half, we'll go into some more advanced settings that can help you if you run into problems.

Quick Guide

At any given moment, OBS will be streaming your current "scene" to Twitch/Youtube. Each scene is made up of multiple "sources." Each "source" will add audio, video, or both to your "scene." So let's keep it simple and start adding sources to your default scene.

First, click on the "+" button under where it says "Sources". Select "Audio Output Capture". This will be used to capture your desktop audio. In the properties window that pops up, you can keep the default settings and hit "OK."

Next, do the same thing but select "Audio Input Capture." This will be used to capture your microphone. Keep the default settings in your properties window and hit "OK."

Finally, add a "Game Capture" source and keep the default settings. This will capture any game that runs in full-screen mode.

Now you're all done and ready to stream!

More Video Input Sources

But wait! There's more. In the Quick Guide section, we used the "Game Capture" source with the default settings to capture any fullscreen application. However, if you're a windowed mode gamer then you can also set it to "Capture specific window" instead to manually specify which game you capture. The downside to that is that you'll have to setup a separate source for each game you want to capture.

There are alternatives to the "Game Capture" source if you want them though. One option you can use is the "Display Capture" source. This will capture your entire monitor; this is helpful if you want to capture your alt-tabs as well for any reason.

Alternatively, you can also use "Window Capture" if you play in windowed mode. Select the correct window in the "Window" dropdown. You have the option to select a "Capture Method" as well. There are two options: BitBlt and Windows Graphics Capture. BitBlt will generally result in a worse quality video, and Windows Graphics Capture will cause a yellow border to appear around the window. Pick your poison.

Note however, that for some games, Windows Capture in certain modes will not work. A notable example is World of Warcraft will not record using BitBlt!


And that's it! Now you should be familiar with using OBS to start your new-found streaming career. Are you just using OBS to stream/record for your friends? Check out SquadOV instead! We do all of the above but everything gets setup for you behind the scenes. Plus, we record each match individually so you don't end up with an 8 hour long VOD and we sync your VOD POV to your friends' POVs who are also running SquadOV! We currently support the following games:

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