Update v0.11.0

Michael Bao
December 16, 2021 11:25 PM

Hello everybody! A big patch for you all this time, and there's a little something for everybody. Check it out and let us know what you think! Also the original intention in bumping up the version number was to support Final Fantasy 14 but that got delayed a bit due to the new expansion. Just know that's coming soon^TM!


  • New native audio recording on Windows that should be more reliable! This is by default disabled as we iron out issues with it as they crop up.
  • If native audio recording is enabled, we now have the ability to selectively record audio from processes. Only available on Windows 10 21H1 (and later) and Windows 11.
  • LoL match events can now be filtered by participant.
  • Ability to link your Discord account to SquadOV (we aren't doing anything with this yet but soon^TM).
  • Ability to tag VODs and clips and search for them using those tags - note that tags are shared across everyone who has acess to that VOD/clip.
  • You can now popout the VOD into a new window so you can have one monitor watching the VOD and another monitor looking at the data/events.
  • Added functionality to disable certain WoW instances from being recorded.
  • We now have the ability/option to record your mouse cursor in fullscreen games (will not work if you play in windowed mode currently).
  • Squads now have the ability to more selectively disable matches/clips for certain WoW releases (retail, vanilla, TBC) from being shared with them.
  • WoW instance filters so you can filter out all the RBGs your friends are playing if you would like.
  • WoW scenarios are now recorded properly so go finish up your Legion Mage Tower with SquadOV recordings (fingers crossed)!
  • We will now track Boss HPs for WoW encounters going forward, and the remaining HP% will be displayed for wipes.
  • Valorant match filters on the Recent VODs page. We also added the ability to filter by POV, winning, rank, key events (2K, 3K, 4K, 5K+), and team comps.
  • There's now a new "Summary" tab for WoW matches that includes total damage dealt, total heals, and total damage received for all players.
  • We now have a manual stop recording button - users beware.
  • For future WoW encounters, we now will group identical pulls (encounter, difficulty, players) together so you can more easily navigate between them (pull 1, 2, 3, etc.).


  • For WoW, the spell analysis graph will now shift its range to make sure the current time is always in focus.
  • The squad side panel on the Recent VODs page is now collapsible.
  • Clicking on a user's name on the Recent VODs page in the squad member listing will go to their profile page.
  • Reduced the possibility of scroll bars in WoW match summaries by only showing the character icon of the player's POV.
  • All users who sign up for SquadOV using your squad invite link will also be counted towards your referral count (we're keeping track so we can reward you soon^TM).
  • WoW instances will now also display the instance name along with the instance type.
  • Disabling recording of games completely will require an explicit acknowledgement, and we will always remind you of the fact that you are no longer recording certain games.
  • You can now search for squads and squad members on the Game Log page dropdown.
  • You now have the ability to temporarily hide the post-game popup from the post-game report page. An option to fully disable it is in the settings menu (but only if you promise to never forget to use the app on a daily basis).
  • The MFA code input is now the standard input rather than the janky text box.
  • If you and your squadmates all played in the same game, that is now a single entry on the Recent VODs page with a dropdown in the bottom right to select a different POV.
  • We now do a quick speedcheck the first time you run SquadOV, if your internet speed sucks we will disable automatic upload for you (and let you know what we did and why).
  • You can now go to a player's profile directly from the match page (big button) and clip page (clicking on their name).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed "Recommended" squads typo on the Recent VODs page.
  • Fixed display of long squad names for recommended squads.
  • Fixed an issue where events for certain characters/minions would sometimes not respect filters.
  • Fixed typo on the overlay page ("make take").
  • Fixed an issue where squad member pagination on the Recent VODs page would not work reliably.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating away from clips using the forward/back buttons and then going back to the clip will result in "No VOD Available."
  • A "Connecting to server..." dialog will now actually popup properly when we're having trouble connecting to SquadOV's servers on initial startup.
  • Fixed a potential issue where after a long period of time, the link to watch VODs expires and certain actions(like clipping) will no longer work.
  • Fixed an issue where we would fail to detect CS:GO installations if it was installed in a Steam library location that isn't where Steam was originally installed.
  • Fixed a potential issue where recording Hearthstone could crash if exiting out of Hearthstone too early while things are still processing.
  • Fixed a potential issue where we would take a long time to process existing WoW combat logs and sometimes even skip key events in a combat log.
  • Support the latest Aim Lab update with a new EXE name.
  • Fixed an issue where typing in timestamps for clipping without an explicit milliseconds component would fail.