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[World of Warcraft] The Burning Crusade Classic #SomeChanges

Derek Chin
July 6, 2021 1:59 PM

The Release:

IT'S HAPPENING! The Burning Crusade Classic experience is dropping June 1st, 2021! All the OG World of Warcraft players can relive their Burning Crusade experience in just a couple of weeks. The June 1st date seems to be a bit rushed but makes sense as the 9.1 patch for Retail World of Warcraft is expected to drop during the Summer. Blizzard probably wants to space out the release times as there is an overlap of players that want to play both Retail & TBC classic. Fingers crossed that it will be a smooth experience but more on that in a little bit...


Thankfully there were no boosts for Classic Vanilla World of Warcraft but Blizzard has introduced level boosts for non-draenei and non-blood elf characters. The price is hefty ($40 for the cheapest option, $70 for the 'Deluxe') but does include some other cool perks. It makes sense that Blizzard wants to further monetize their Classic series since the typical $15/month subscription already includes the base Classic. #SomeChanges I guess are fine... Users are also being charged $15 to create a copy of their character for both Vanilla Classic and TBC Classic. Otherwise, characters can only be ported into Vanilla or TBC, not both. The monetization possibilities for the Classic Series is endless.

The Tease:

Pre-patch for The Burning Crusade Classic came out on May 18th. It was a rough day for everyone who wanted to make their new Draenei or Blood Elf. Extended maintenance was scheduled through to 3 PM, that ended up getting extended by 10 hours. The 10 hour extension wasn't bad, but how it was communicated left users that wanted to play the pre-patch with a bitter taste in their mouth. It was extended three times, for 2-3 more hours right before it was supposed to release each time. Let's hope that it's not an indicator of what's to come for the actual TBC Classic launch on June 1st.

How it's going:

When users were finally able to get in, it was an absolute BLAST. The sheer amount of new Draenei (Shamans) and Blood Elves (Paladins) were overwhelming. The starting area was PACKED. The positive vibes were off the charts. Check out this screenshot of 10+ people waiting for Thaelis to respawn. It was genuinely a good time. Now all these guys have to rush to level 58 before June 1st. It takes about 100 hours played to get to level 58 and we have about 13 days. That's almost 10 hours a day (insane!) but I'm sure we'll make it...

That's it for today folks! Thanks for reading. Next post we'll talk about how our TBC progression is going, what we plan to do for End-Game (ARENA!), and how we plan to become GLADIATORS (hint: SquadOV).

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