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Can't get SquadOV To Work?

Support FAQs

Supported operating systems?

We only officially support Windows 8 and above. SquadOV will not run on WINE on Linux.

Local Service Error

There are generally two reasons you may see the local service error when you first start SquadOV.

  • You have not installed the Visual Studio 2019 C++ x64 Redistributable.
    In this case, download it from Microsoft's website here.
  • You have Windows 10N installed and thus do not have the Media Feature Pack installed.
    In this case, install the Media Feature Pack by going to Start >Settings>Apps>Apps and features>Optional features>Add a feature, and then locate Media Feature Pack in the list of available optional features
Why does it say "No VOD Available?"

SquadOV only (and I do mean only) records VODs for games you play while SquadOV is installed, running, and logged in on your machine. Furthermore, SquadOV must run for the entire duration of each match you wish to record.

Why is my ping so high in games when SquadOV is running?

SquadOV by default automatically uploads your VODs to our servers while you're playing to ensure that your VODs are ready by the time you finish the game. If your internet upload speed is not sufficient (you can test it using SpeedTest), then you can turn on "Disable Automatic Upload" in the recording settings.

Why did my FPS drop?

SquadOV does some fancy stuff on your GPU to get you as high quality of a video as possible. To disable some of this processing and free up resources for your game, turn off "Use GPU Pipeline" in the recording settings.

Does SquadOV store my VODs on my machine?

No, by default all VODs are streamed directly to our servers and are not stored on your machine. If you wish to record to your local machine instead, turn on "Disable Automatic Upload."

Why is my video black (laptops only)?

Due to the way SquadOV is setup to record, laptop users will have to ensure that SquadOV's client service is set to run on your integrated GPU.

You will want to follow this tutorial to force the


executable to run on the integrated GPU. We recommend also setting "Use GPU Pipeline" to false in your recording settings.

Can SquadOV only record my game audio?

Currently, SquadOV does not support this out of the box. You can achieve this behavior by using virtual audio devices. Check out this tutorial from DrGeebs from LudusLabs on how to set it up.

I love you, please take my money.

SquadOV is currently completely free while we're in beta. We are looking into ways to balance providing the service you know and love and making money (and not going bankrupt).