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Welcome to the best all-in-one platform to record, watch, and share your 60HP OTKs and pirate high rolls in Hearthstone with your friends.

Automatic, Segmented Recording

Record every Hearthstone match.

Demos kinda suck and you know it. SquadOV automatically records all your matches and syncs data from your demos.
Did we mention this is all automatic? We're just better.


Install SquadOV, login, follow instructions. Nice and simple.


Play a game of Hearthstone (any mode!). That's it.


Your VOD is ready to watch when your match is complete!

Hearthstone Match History, possible.

Easily find the match you want to rewatch.

SquadOV records each match separately to give you easy-access to VODs and your performance in each game. A cloud-based Hearthstone match history that you can share with your friends is finally here.

Log parsing so you don't have to.

Find the right moments.

Navigate to exactly when you played each card in every turn. Finding when you made the big play in each VOD has never been easier in Hearthstone.

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