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Welcome to the best all-in-one platform to record, watch, and share your Sova double shock dart ace on Ascent in Valorant on with your friends.

Automatic, Segmented Recording

Record every Valorant match.

Not only do we record every match, we make a separate VOD for each match to make your life easier. On top of that we sync to Riot's official match details. Holy moly, we're just better.


Install SquadOV, login, follow instructions. Nice and simple.


Play a game of Valorant - any map, any mode. That's it.


Your VOD is ready to watch when your match is complete!

Valorant Match History, better.

Easily find the match you want to rewatch.

SquadOV records each match separately to give you easy-access to VODs and your performance in each game. Valorant match history has never been better.

The best VOds, around.

Find the right moments.

Navigate to exactly when you got each kill in each round. Go to when the bomb was planted and see which one of your friends was still on the other side of the map. This is how match navigation should be.

Yup, Still the best.

Data to help you know what's happening.

We sync all the relevant data out of each Valorant match to provide you all the information you'd want on how you and your teammates performed in each game. Want to view each death you had from the guy who you swear is hacking? You can easily do that too.

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