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Welcome to the best all-in-one platform to record, watch, and share your 20th consecutive Mythic Sire Denathrius wipe in World of Warcraft with your guildmates.

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Record every World of Warcraft win, clear, or wipe.

It's hard to remember what you did wrong, give you and your guild the tool you need to get to the next level.
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Install SquadOV, login, follow instructions. Nice and simple.


Enter and play through a M+, Raid Encounter, or Arena.


Your VOD is ready to watch when you're done!

Match History for wow? Say less.

Easily find the match you want to rewatch.

SquadOV records each match separately to give you easy-access to VODs and your performance. Easily see all your M+, raid encounters, and areans in one place.

Don't settle for minimaps.

Find the right moments.

Navigate to exactly in the VOD where you messed up. Check you and your guildmates' positioning and spell casts simultaneously. This is how VODs should be watched.

Simple, for everybody..

Data to help you know what's happening.

We automatically parse your combat logs and present the data in an easy to use manner. Navigate directly to the moment where your DPS spikes and dips to better analyze your performance in the VOD.

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